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California CLE's

Customer Service for Legal Professionals

Calendar Oct 24, 2017 at 10 am

When you think about Customer Service do you think about the check out clerk at the grocery store, the person at the counter at your local fast food restaurant, or the representative who assists you when  you contact your cell phone provider?  These are examples of people who provide customer service, but the establishments that employ them are not the only establishments that must consider the customer when providing service.  

Customer service is essential to maintaining any business.  Without it clients will choose to take their business elsewhere.  No state bar has a model rule that instructs attorneys and their staff to become customer service representatives, but most if not all include rules regarding how and when to engage with clients.  

This 60 minute webinar will discuss the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 1.4 and California Rules of Professional Conduct Rules 3-500 and 3-510 regarding client communication. 

CLE: 1

Legal Billing

Calendar Oct 18, 2017 at 10 am

It is essential for all legal professionals to have an understanding of how billing applies to their jobs. A law office’s ability to accurately bill clients is dependent on each legal professional’s adherence to proper billing practices. This workshop will discuss legal billing and the Uniform Task-Based Management System. The first major area of legal work addressed by the System is litigation.

This workshop will discuss the Litigation Code Set and definitions developed by a tripartite effort of the American Bar Association Section of Litigation, the American Corporate Counsel Association, and a group of major corporate clients and law firms coordinated and supported by Price Waterhouse LLP. The System enables lawyers to budget and bill by litigation task, aiding client and counsel in understanding, managing and conducting litigations. It is intended to cover all contested matters, including judicial litigation, binding arbitration and regulatory/administrative proceedings. 

The following topics will be covered in this workshop: 

  • Good communication with a client regarding billing 
  • How to properly document all client communication 
  • Understanding the importance of billing frequency 
  • A firm’s ethical responsibility concerning billing 
  • Problems of the billing process 
  • The factors that affect firm profitability 
  • Understanding Uniform Task-Based Management System 
  • Understanding the Project Code Set and Proper Billing 
  • Activity Codes and Proper Billing 
  • Counseling Code Set and Proper Billing 

CLE: 4 General Credits Approved by the State Bar of California 

Managing a California Law Practice in the Digital Age

Calendar Oct 3, 2017 at 1 pm

The practice of law is experiencing rapid changes in several areas including discovery, practice management, and how legal services are being delivered.  The common denominator in all these areas is technology.  The impact of technology on the practice of law has been so pervasive that the ABA revised its rules of professional conduct to include rules that mandate attorneys to demonstrate technological competence. Although the ABA is a voluntary organization for attorneys at least half of the state bars across the U.S. followed suit and adopted ethical rules regarding technology.

The State Bar of California was one of those states and drafted the following ethic opinions:

  • CAL 2012-184: Virtual Law Office
  • CAL 2012-186: Social Networking
  • CAL 2013-188: Confidential Information and Unsolicited Email Correspondence
  • CAL 2015-193: ESI and Discovery Requests
  • CAL 2016-196: Attorney Blogging

Register for this 60 minute live webinar and discover how these changes will impact the way that you manage your practice.

CLE:  1

What You Should Know About CA Business & Professions Code 6450

Calendar Sep 26, 2017 at 10 am

Did you know that every paralegal in the state of California except for those who are employed by the state are required to take mandatory continuing legal education credits just like attorneys do?  You may ask "What does that have to do with me I'm not a paralegal".  Well if you are an attorney, human resource manager, or manage paralegals the paralegals that you employ are to report these CLE's to you.  This may not seem like a big deal until you consider the entirety of Business and Professions Codes 6450-6456, which not only describes the responsibility of maintaining CLE's it describes who a paralegal is.

Understanding these codes will ensure that you are not placed in the situation where paralegal fees are disputed and or denied due to you or your paralegal staff not meeting the requirements of who is considered to be a paralegal and who is simply an overpaid secretary whose fees can not be billed back to clients.

This 60 minute live webinar will discuss the following:

  • Discussion of California Business & Professions Codes 6450-6456
  • Discussion of ABA Model Guidelines for the Utilization of Paralegal Services
  • How non-compliance can result in legal fees being uncollectible

CLE: 1

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